Lorran Schoechet

O-1 Visa Holder

I’m not a guru, a rockstar or a ninja. Even better. I’m a Brazilian copywriter.

It’s pronounced as “Lohan” as in Lindsay Lohan. We don’t have much in common besides the name. She’s rich, I'm poor. She's beautiful, you can see my picture. She’s famous, I’ll get there. The story of my name is interesting. My mother told me she was inspired while drinking champagne. You can see where I get my creativity from. Plus, my last name is even harder: 'Schoechet'. Thanks, mom.

Max Cohen

US Citizen

I’m Max, half-Brazilian (from my mom’s side) Art Director.

Before getting into advertising, I worked at the Trader Joe's on 72nd and Broadway, so feel free to hit me up for tips on avoiding the lines. Accolades include: Miami Ad School NY Foosball champion, Trader Joe’s certified taste-tester, and owner of the best collection of metal band t-shirts.

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One Show, Merit
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Creativity International Awards, Gold
Creativity International Awards, Bronze 2x
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Summit Creative Awards, Bronze 2x
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